The Birth of a Data-Driven Agency

When you’re good at something, work turns into play. For us, it’s play to make your business earn more by using Data.

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To really get to the heart of Cubatica,it’s key that you meet the man and the brain behind it:

Joshua Bretag
Joshua Bretag

Josh is an unusual bloke.

If you could sum him up in a few words, it would be scientific marketing ninja who is also a ‘Growth pro and big data junkie.’  With dozens of high profile client projects under his belt, and a long list of case studies to back him up. He’s a man who loves automation, and meditates on conversion rates. He’s also the kind of person who will tell you exactly what’s on his mind.  And he doesn’t have time for B.S.

This interesting combination makes for a fascinating results-driven marketer… (and a pretty funny guy to work with, if we do say so ourselves.)

Josh begun his roots nearly a decade ago, by founding and running Blueprint Solutions, a web and app development agency.  After years of perfecting his craft, he realized he was ready to spread his love of data and conversions in a more meaningful way.  And thus, Cubatica was born to become the leading growth agency for those special partners with truly amazing products/services that are either truly helpful or make a difference in the lives of their users/customers. Our goal is to break the preconceived boundaries of what makes a great agency by being remote first, treating our partners like family and removing wasted time on B.S.

And so, here we are.

With our team of  leading media buying gurus, expert copywriters, designers, growth experts, and businesses analysts, as well as an army of specialists on call to tackle any needs his clients projects may have, Cubatica is ready to shake up the online world with case studies, marketing deep dives, and to work with a select few companies to create incredible exponential growth.

At the time of writing this, Josh is personally looking over all new projects,

So NOW is one of the best times to apply to work with Cubatica.

Our Growth Process

  • Business + Market Research
  • Growth Audit
  • Growth & Optimisation Recommendation
  • Introduction to Verified Partners
  • Prioritisation of Solutions
  • Testing
  • Optimisation
  • Scale

Here Are Some of The Ways Cubatica Can Help Your Business Grow Now

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Here’s Some Of Our Certifications

  • Reforge
  • ConversionXL
  • AdSkills
  • Unbounce
  • Optimizely
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • GM Essentials

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