Agency vs In-house: What’s Right for You?

“Should I hire an agency or in-house staff?”

That’s the million-dollar question a business owner had when he approached us recently to explore how he can really get his performance marketing going and scale his business…

And our reply WASN’T an automatic “Hire an agency, of course!”

See, not only are we straight shooters who don’t take on clients unless we’re very sure we can hit a homerun for them…

There are also cases when hiring in-house staff would be more suitable than an agency (I’ll go over some of them in the video below).

So when does hiring an agency make sense?

Well, watch the video to find out… ????

But here’s a sneak peek.

It makes sense when you want to:

✔️ Get instant access to historical data without having to pay for them

✔️ Leverage on connections great agencies have – including one that will save you 3 weeks of your time and give you an edge over competitors

✔️ Have a highly experienced team of specialists at your fingertips

✔️ Uncover “free money” in your business with the help of high-level strategists

✔️ Establish a seamless cross-channel strategy to get you more results with less ad spend

Watch the video below to discover each of them in greater detail.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I did recording it – and if you have any questions or need more clarification, just leave a comment below!

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