How we got FlowActiv a

200% RETURN in just 6 WEEKS

in the saturated market of weight loss and fitness!

FlowActiv came to us at Cubatica through a client referral. At our first meeting, they shared their frustrations with the marketing company they’d hired.

They weren’t hitting any of their revenue goals and it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of investment.

In fact, as Co-founder Azeem Ahmed shared, “We were pumping a lot of money into our ad spend, but we were not hitting any of the numbers we needed to hit.”


and neither do those standardized ‘fits-any-size’ marketing plans

FlowActiv was in the lucrative, but oversaturated well-being, weight-loss and fitness industry with a product line that catered to a religious demographic.

That presented some challenges, as the well-being market can become easily desensitized to advertising.

At the same time, the religious demographic has inherent sensitivities that can impede progress if not handled with extreme care and detail.

We knew that in order to make FlowActiv’s revenue goals and create a steady stream of repeat customers, we would need to do a deep-dive into their demographic and create a highly customized, tested, and flexible marketing strategy.



The FlowActiv case was led by Josh Breteg. First, Josh conducted an in-depth analysis to learn more about who FlowActiv’s customer was, what kind of pain they were in, and how FlowActiv solved their problem.

FlowActiv provided weight-loss and fitness programs to online consumers. FlowActiv’s typical customer suffered from obesity, lethargy, Type 2 Diabetes, were typically women over the age of 50, who often feared an early death.

We also learned more about their main competitors who also offered online health and fitness programs and ketogenic diet plans.

“What’s so different about your product?”

We had to know – what was their ‘secret sauce?’

FlowActiv offered buyers a program they called The Shepard’s Code, consisting of a physical book (in US only), plus 5 bonus reports.

As members of TSC, buyers enjoyed instant access to the members-only website which also includes 10 “Body Sculpting” videos and two additional bonus reports, a 72-Hour Quick Start Guide, a 14-Day Easy Meal Plans and instant access to FB Group for members.

Lauded as the ONLY system of its kind to reveal the incredible power of “Healing Fats” to gain energy, lose weight and feel younger, with no strict rules, starvation, pills, or counting calories, all one had to do was to follow The Shepard’s Code plan, and simply stop eating the “Harmful Foods” and begin eating more delicious healing fats to trigger the body’s master metabolic switch.

Sounds like an easy sell, right?


Because inherently, people don’t like it when their favorite foods are taken away from them and FlowActiv’s plan, though comprehensive, meant giving up carbs, sweets, and pastries in favor of healthy fats. How would they overcome such a challenge?

The data-dive and experience that solved the case…

Josh and his team went to work on a deep data-dive, ultimately bypassing the desensitized demographic and mining for the true and ideal customer that would be most likely to succeed on FlowActiv’s Shepard Code plan.

Through intricate FB data searches and tests, Josh and his team found FlowActiv’s ideal customers. They knew their customer’s pain points, they were inside their thought process, and they knew how they typically made buying decisions.

100,000 people losing weight permanently can’t be wrong.

With their ideal customer identified, the team unfolded the secret component to FlowActiv’s unique offerings: the experience, education, and vision of their co-founder, Kristina Wilds.

Inspired by her own life-threatening battle with eating disorders, Kristina, a well-known expert and author on fitness and nutrition, helped over 100,000 people lose weight permanently and regain their youthful zest for life.

Dieting is never an easy sell, but when you’re talking about 100,000 people who are on board on a quest for a zest for LIFE?! That’s something everyone wants! Now that we had our ultimate reason for buying and our ideal customer avatar, we could get to work on the numbers and start doing some testing, proving, and buying.

We were ASTOUNDED at what happened in just 6 WEEKS!

We’d like to say, with our detective hats cocked just a bit to the side, that we were not surprised at all with what happened next, but that wouldn’t be the truth. We were astounded at what happened in just six weeks! We’ll let co-founder, Azeem Ahmed tell this part of the story in his own words:

“The returns we got were over 200% of a return on our ad spend, and that was within 6 weeks of working with them, a welcome change after our experience with our previous media buying team.

A 200% Return with a GROWTH of 20% per MONTH!

“We saw steady scaling, and went from about $30,000 per month in ad spend to $200,000 per month in just 6 weeks, with a positive ROI and a 200% return on our ad spend, with a growth of 20% per month after that.”

To say that we had some high-fives going on in the office would be an understatement. We were thrilled for our customer.

But how did we do it?

Well, without giving it all away in one swoop, it went something like this:

We customized. We adjusted. Most importantly, we never forgot their customer’s main reason for buying: a renewed zest for life.

As it turned out, FlowActiv dissolved their business due to an internal company dispute, but at the time of the dissolution, they were highly profitable. Their co-founder, Amed Aheem said that was “due in huge part to Cubatica’s work.” We are grateful we could help, and continue to work with Amed on his other business ventures to this day.

Because Azeem says it better than we could ever say it, we’ll close with his advice and wish to thank everyone at FlowActiv for the incredible opportunity to help grow their business.

“Listen to Josh. If he says it can be done, it can be done. He doesn’t try to ‘sell you on a dream.’ He tells you what he and his team can do, and then he does it.

Listen to his advice, and let him take the wheel on marketing, because he doesn’t work with an ego. He’s a practical guy, with a solid team backing him up, and he knows his marketing.

You let him do that, he and his team will make you a lot of money.

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