cut 62.5% of CPA cost and increase active users in under 12 Months
Peanut is an investor-funded start-up
that wanted to grow their user base in order to secure a new round of funding from investors. Here’s how we grew their user base and helped them attract investors.
To increase their active user base in order to attract the next series of investment funding.
Because Peanut currently doesn’t have a revenue model, any performance marketing they take on has to achieve the goal of steadily attracting their specific demographic (Moms who want to find other moms to connect with) without burning through the marketing fund.

Peanut was attracting active users at £4 CPA

What we did
Daily performance marketing campaign management In order to attract more relevant users, we set up an ongoing Facebook ad campaigns as well as Apple ad campaigns. These have been optimized daily, at sub £2 CPA for active users (Often lower than £1.30 per user, as of August 2019)
We tested several ads to see which ads got the best response for the lowest CPA. We then went ahead to test similar variations of the winning ads.


Strategic Guidance

We researched their target market as well as competitors, and spent time checking out where moms are likely to hang out online and what they’re into.

We then helped Peanut create videos, images, and gifs that would appeal to those Moms and get them to sign up for the app.

That series of strategic approaches was set to further improve engagement and lower CPAs. Here’s a sampling of some of the suggestions we made:
  • Testimonial ads (From the app store / google play).
  • Ads using influencers that “Launched” the app e.g. Lindy Klim, Jules Sebastian, Talitha Cummins, Laura Csortan, and Amber Sherlock in australia e.g.
  • Show us how you use peanut (get users to show us how they use peanut in their day to day lives).
  • Explaining what the app does, benefit driven copy rather than feature driven copy.
How Did Peanut Feel about Our Work?
Cubatica has been great to work with overall. They’re responsive on Slack and proactive in communications. Having Josh involved from a strategic standpoint has also helped keep our projects on track. Working with their team made the whole process seamless and helped us improve our strategy along the way.

Michelle, Co-Founder and CEO of Peanut

The Results of working with us: £1.50 average CPAs per active user, attracting more investors

Due in part to the results of our campaign management and strategic advisement, Peanut has been able to secure series X funding.

Peanut continues to work with us, due to our reliable results, as CPAs** continue to stay low, we’ve expanded the channels to include Apple and Google ads, and we’re currently exploring other channels to work together.

If Peanut had a revenue model, we would have scaled the company. However, as they did not have one, our focus has been keeping CPAs low – which is exactly what the company needed to attract additional funding.

You guys have totally turned performance marketing around for Peanut in the past couple months and I’m truly thrilled with the results (as is the rest of the team).
Jen Rapp – Ex Head Marketing at Peanut App
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