The Campaign that Took This Mattress Company From 0 to 35 Million in Revenue in 2 Years

E-commerce startup Simba Sleep are what you could describe as mattress experts. They are superstars at building mattresses that people love to sleep on, and have been in the business since 1979.

But they had a problem. They needed to get people excited about their totally new Simba Hybrid® mattress. But doesn’t everybody already have a mattress?

Simba Sleep had designed a mattress engineered for sleep that was leagues beyond anything else available. They knew it was great, but they had to get their message out there. They just didn’t know how.

In this case study, we’ll take you through EXACTLY how we marketed what could have been a pretty mundane product using social media advertising – and got Simba Sleep a staggering 152% ROI.

The problem

The Simba founders approached us while they were still in the seed funding stage. Basically, they had not sold this product before and didn’t know if people would even want it.

The challenge they set us, which we accepted, was to define their target markets, and then uncover the best ways to reach, advertise to, and convert their target users on social media.

Facebook marketing has reaped huge results for our clients in the past. But we’d never marketed a mattress before. Would people even care? How could we convince them that this mattress is different?

The answer was a Facebook campaign naming convention that totally blew us away.

How we solved it

First, we researched and tested several different Facebook categories that are relevant to Simba Sleep’s target audience:

  • Recently engaged users
  • Recently moved house
  • Users with back pain
  • Users suffering from sleep deprivation
  • Young adults moving out of home
  • People with houses with three or more bedrooms, worth above £500,000 in property value

We also created some custom categories based on user behavior:

  • Retargeting based on time spent on site, page reached on site and events (i.e. added credit card or payment details but did not finishing purchasing)
  • Lookalike audiences based on purchasers with a 5-10% match for user behavior

Once we’d tested their campaigns, we adopted a hyper-specific naming convention on Facebook to streamline the automation process and improve reporting accuracy.

Using this super sneaky technique, our reporting was so accurate that we quickly focused on only Simba Sleep’s most high-performing ads. It saved a ton of time and earned Simba more revenue for their budget.

It helped us to discover the one thing all their best performing ads have in common: the explanation that Simba offers a free trial for 100 nights, free returns and free delivery.

This copy converts more because it removes a significant barrier for ecommerce customers. It presents less of a financial risk if customers buy something they don’t end up wanting, but still allows them to test out an exciting new product.

The best ad also included an image containing the distinctive decorative pattern, the color blue, and people using the Simba mattress.

The results

As we discovered the best-performing categories for Simba Sleep and optimized their ads based on our data, we then confidently increased daily spend on Facebook. We took it from £5,000 per day to £15,000, and finally to £50,000.

In their best month working with us, Simba Sleep have made £1.3 million in sales. That means we increased sales by 36,016%. Boom!

We also took their visitors from 8,000 a month to 1 million visitors, an increase of 12,500%.

More good stuff

While we were working with them in July 2016, Simba launched a popular TV and online video ad. This helped blast the brand into broader public awareness.

We capitalized on this momentum by increasing ad spend and placement on Facebook as well as Instagram. We also launched Facebook video ads, which, after we tested 435 versions, were a runaway success.

As their campaign neared full market penetration and our spend rose, we “unlocked” previously inaccessible Facebook audience categories, enabled by Experian and Datalogix.

That meant we gained the ability to target prospects right down to their unique offline spending habits, tech adopter level, and more.

Next steps for Simba Sleep

Now that Simba Sleep has reached basically everyone they can in the UK, it’s time to slow down UK growth. Instead, we’ll focus on lowering CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and increasing ROI from 152% to 400%.

We’ll be devoting more effort to content, onboarding and optimization, so we can start mining the loyal customer base we’ve already created for Simba Sleep.

We’ll also take the Simba Hybrid® mattress to lucrative international markets such as France, Spain, Australia, and the USA.

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