How can your business WIN paid advertising?

Not a single day goes by without a new “hack” or “tip” when it comes to paid advertising…

Leaving many business owners feeling confused and overwhelmed.

This explains why we’ve had a lot of them come to us for a big picture view of timeless principles to keep in mind when buying traffic…

And these are the 3 Golden Rules we always tell them to abide by:

 1️⃣ Those who can pay more to acquire a customer, WIN.

Say you can pay $50 to acquire a customer (assuming it’s a breakeven point that covers all your overheads), while your competition can only pay $30.

What advantage do you think this extra $20 can give you when going head-to-head against your competition? I’ll cover this in the video below.

2️⃣ Better LTV (lifetime value)/conversions feed 1️⃣

Winning the paid traffic game isn’t just about the paid traffic game. In fact, paid traffic is only ONE piece of the entire puzzle that is your business.

There are literally 1000’s of ways for you to increase LTV and improve conversions – and I’ll go through some of the most common suggestions we’ve given our clients in this video.

Bottom line is: LTV is king…

Because the higher your LTV is, the more you can pay to acquire a customer – which means you’re more likely to emerge on top.

3️⃣ If your traffic team isn’t considering 2️⃣, you’re SCREWED!

Since paid traffic is only one piece of the puzzle, your traffic team MUST communicate with you and other arms of your business.

This could be noticing trends about which products are well received or fatiguing in the marketplace, or observing which ad creatives aren’t working as well as they should be.

The point is: Your traffic team really needs to be working WITH you, so that you won’t be leaving tons of money on the table…

And in the video below, we’ll look at an example of a potential opportunity we’ve identified for one of our clients to make their marketing message more laser-focused – which is on top of the paid traffic strategies we already implement for them.


These 3 Golden Rules need to work in sync for you to WIN paid advertising…

And this video will hopefully help you to get a better understanding of why and how to do so.

Thank you for watching – and if you have any questions or need more clarification, just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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