How Do I Transform Struggling Facebook Ad Campaigns Into Profitable Revenue Machines?

Toilet products are not what you normally think of as examples of brilliant marketing. People in need of such products usually want to keep it a secret, and rarely celebrate any of their acts surrounding pooping. Not so for Squatty Potty.

Far from the subtle hints typical of health industry marketing, Squatty Potty has gone for a direct, humorous, and somewhat surreal approach. The Squatty Potty brand is bold, brilliant and unapologetic.

Rarely in marketing has the word ‘colon’ appeared so many times, to such dazzling effect.

Make Your Videos Stand Out Without Losing Your Visitor’s Attention

Video content is awesome – we love it, your customers love it, everyone loves it. But always ensure you’re embedding videos in a way that isn’t distracting.

If you’re linking directly from Youtube, video suggestions will pop up and distract your customers away from your site. If those customers are paid traffic, that’s money down the drain.

You’ll have trouble tracking your video if it’s embedded in this way, so there will be no way to know how much of your video was watched by how many people.

Speaking of tracking – I recommend only installing 1 Facebook Pixel per page on your website. Adding any more is not only not necessary, but it also causes overlapping issues that you just don’t want to get into.

But what about mobile sites? When a large chunk of your paid traffic is from mobile, ensure your mobile site looks good and provides a pleasant user experience. If your site is’nt optimized for mobile, users will click away, costing you the sale. In this case, half of Trifecta’s revenue came from mobile.

People Don’t Like Spending, So Make it Easy On Them!

One detail I’ve noticed is how difficult some online stores make it for customers to check out. How many hoops do they have to jump through to finalize the payment and close the deal? Does every step have a purpose, and is it as clear as it can be?

Confusing checkout steps are an easy culprit for low conversions.

For Trifecta’s website, I noticed there were several pathways to choosing a meal plan and checkout out – and too many obstacles and distractions along the way.

For instance, the customer is given the choice of too many meal options via a scrolling menu.

More isn’t always better, and that’s definitely true when it comes to these types of options. Having the top 3 menu options would streamline the buyer’s journey here.

But that’s not all. When you’re paying for cold traffic, you want those dollars to be hard at work for you. To increase the efficiency of any campaign, we recommend sticking to a single goal. In this case, the goal is a purchase.

Other calls-to-action are merely distractions from the one goal. For example, we’d recommend removing any newsletter opt-in forms or offers to join a free app.

Finally, when you finally have that customer at the checkout, I recommend using matching from their Facebook profile to the checkout menu so they don’t need to enter as much info. The less friction for a purchase, the more chances they’ll complete the checkout!

People Love Food, But it’s Not Enough to Sell

If you’re selling a product like Trifecta’s meal plans, the first instinct may be to use images of your food on Facebook ads.

But photos of food don’t accomplish much.

Rarely is the value proposition just about food. For Trifecta, it’s about eating food that fits your lifestyle. In this case, it would make sense to show photos that sell the lifestyle these people want to live and breathe. Elements like GIFs, videos, and customer testimonials generally work better than pictures of meals.

The type of lifestyle shown to your buyers can be adapted based on previous interactions to increase relevancy. Say a user clicked on the paleo diet option for Trifecta. I’d suggest remarketing paleo-related lifestyle GIFs or videos to this same user later on.

Always Stay Relevant!

Other than using compelling assets to attract your buyers, I always recommend Facebook users to stay on their toes. You can’t let a Facebook campaign grow old and stale in the hopes that it will keep performing. Hint – it won’t!

For instance, I noticed Trifecta’s product catalog had’nt been updated since 2018. You could easily double your revenue in a month by updating your catalog and split-testing your campaign, especially if its been such a long time since an update.

As a result, some cost per purchase numbers are doing well, while others… not so much.

It’s key to keep testing new ways to create compelling ads that sell. Some factors that should be tested and tweaked according to the results are:

  • Time of day
  • Placement of the ad (Messenger, Stories, Feed)
  • Ad format
  • Ad copy

As an example, I noticed that Trifecta’s ads were getting traction quite early in the morning, which you might not expect in every niche. But it makes sense for this product, since Trifecta’s customers may like hitting the gym before work – that’s why it’s important to test it out!

Run a Smooth Ship

When pouring a high ad spend into Facebook, I always advise people to keep everything organized and structured. It’s much simpler to tweak and optimize when every element has its place and is named properly.

Plus, it’s simpler to push for more advanced techniques – separate landing pages, complex remarketing, more ad variations – when you stay organized.

And that’s how you attain better results – lower CPA, higher revenue, faster scaling.

What are your biggest challenges in getting the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns?

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