How We Propelled This Startup to Selling Out Beyond Demand

Providing Hungry Australians with Tasty Treats

Singapore is a pretty great place to live. Australians seem to think so, since there are 20 thousand of them expatriated from down under to the island city.

The only luxury they’re missing? Delicious food reminiscent of their home.

Australian fare is quite tough to find – and when it’s there, it’s not quite like these expats remember it. And it’s not cheap.

The Cornerstore’s mission is to connect these hungry Australian expats with their beloved food all the way in Singapore. All they have to do is skip the supermarket lines and order online to get fresh, organic food directly from Australia delivered straight to their door.

The Cornerstore is only available in Singapore. To help them grow their Australian customer base, the team reached out to us to run a Facebook ad campaign.

This was no typical campaign, but we were up for a challenge.

We loved the idea of the Cornerstore’s business model. Providing scrumptious Australian treats to nostalgic Australian expats in Singapore? (Let’s face it – they’re the real heroes here).

What we weren’t so sure about at first, however, was the viability of the campaign.

Typically, we have a larger ocean to cast our net into. Targeting is always important, but there’s a little bit of room for leverage.

But in this case, there were only about 20 thousand Australian expats living in Singapore. That’s it. No way to scale or expand to another Singaporean audience. No targeting other Western audiences.

We let them know the risks, then rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

It was time to get targeting like crazy.

Because of the limited pool of potential customers, our team needed to drill down an extremely targeted campaign to ensure only Australian expats were being targeted, and not other people living in Singapore. This meant excluding Australians currently flying in from Australia, among other key factors.

Anything less, and we would be wasting the Cornerstore’s money. Every dollar needed to be spent on Australian expats in Singapore.

Crafting a mouthwatering offer they couldn’t resist…

With a proper targeting strategy in place, we set out to create irresistible ad creative promoting the freshness, quality, convenience, and affordability of The Cornerstore’s Australian food products.

Due to the limited amount of potential customers, we knew the offer had to be mouthwatering and enticing. If we didn’t get them the first time, we’d get those expats to cave in with a targeted remarketing campaign – one can only resist their favorite treats for so long.

And within just a few weeks, something crazy happened…

We hit a wall – but it’s not what you think.

With a CPA as low as $20, the price of the campaign was not problematic at all – in fact, it was quite profitable for the company.

However, so many Australians started purchasing from the store, that they ran out of stock!

At first, they tried to keep up with the demand. But as more and more time went by, demand only increased, and the stock was constantly selling out.

The campaign did so well that we had to scale back to give the company some breathing room.

We saw no use spending too much on traffic that wouldn’t be able to purchase anything due to low stock, so we slowed down the campaign.

By scaling back, The Cornerstore had time to adjust to the increased demand for its delivery service. Plus, they gained the breathing room they needed to think about their next steps.

Awesome time for new growth – and attracting investors!

With our performance marketing help, we helped Cornerstore sell out their stock, and prove their model in just 3 months! 

We didn’t just help The Cornestore sell their stock and become profitable. Our campaign propelled them to a new level of growth that attracted interest for their next round of funding.

Even though it was a highly specialized campaign with a limited pool of customers, we succeeded in proving the business model, and helped the start up gather the attention they were hoping for from investors.

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