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Our Media Buying Process

Media Buying

Get a highly responsive turn-key media buying team, who helps you leverage tried and true approaches, while finding new angles and profitable audiences.

Our partners tell us they love us because they know they can leave their media buying in our hands, and they’ll see huge month on month growth – and because they can reach us easily on Slack.

Our specialities are Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube. We also rock at Pinterest, Native ads, Snapchat – and are getting started on TikTok.

We create custom campaigns for each of our partners. We when work together, we start you off with a specialized 6 week launch, where we dig into every aspect of your business, your customers, and your competition. From there, we build starting campaigns, and a plan to test new ideas as we grow.

One thing is – we ARE selective.

No, really. Working with partners is one pillar in our business. We love doing it, because we get to work with super cool people who have innovative ways they want to connect with the world.

As a result, we have 7 slots open for partners – we don’t take on more, because we pride ourselves in being able to properly scale and grow the accounts we work on.

You can send us a message to see if we’re a good fit to work together below – if we’re full up, we’ll add you to our wait list.

Our Areas of


Facebook Compliance Care and Account Retrieval Service

Keep your ads live and get banned accounts returned – direct support in under 48 hours.

There’s nothing worse than having a winning campaign shut down due to Facebook’s overzealous compliance bots. As a registered Facebook Partner, we provide a direct concierge service to our clients to ensure your account stays compliant – and doesn’t get shut down.

This service includes internal compliance specialists that review your ads and landing pages to keep you competitive, while upholding Facebook’s policies.

While it takes most people months to get through to Facebook’s customer service, through us, you’ll have an express lane to one of our live Facebook reps who respond in under 48 hours.

We have a near 100% success rate of overturning any wrongful account
closures, and getting accounts back up and running in no time.

If you’re not one of our partners, you can apply below for a spot in our compliance care program.

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About Working With Us

Ready to jump in?

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Taking on a marketing agency is a big step in your growth and it is natural to have concerns and questions. These are some of the most common questions we get from our potential clients, and the honest no BS answers.

The short answer is no – when we scale, your CPA will go higher.

That’s because in order to acquire a bigger market share, we have to be willing to out bid your competition. The key to our scaling process, is we know when to grow, and then when to bring your CPA’s (cost per acquisition) back down.

The process is – scale and CPA’s rise – find a good amount of market share, then stop scaling. Once we have achieved your sales goals we start aggressively pruning your ads, focusing on the highest performers until the CPA’s go back down. Now, we’re reaching more people, at the lower CPA. Rinse and repeat.

Not everyone knows the key indicators to look for on when to go for market share, or when to stabilize CPA. We have the experience to make those calls and know when a risk is worth it or not.

Managing this tricky transition is what we do, it’s our primary business. We scale our clients from the low five figures in spend per month, to millions in profitable spend per month.

We start with a kickoff call, then a call every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. The early part of the process there will be a rigorous discovery process. We want to make sure we understand your business, market and have access to all the marketing assets we need to work with.

From there, we get a sense for what is the most organic path for all of us. Sometimes more discover calls are helpful, sometimes, a call once a month is the sweet spot. Eventually, it ends up simply being calls ‘as needed’ – as we get a lot done here on Slack together. You will always be designated an ‘Account Manager’ with designated office hours on Slack.

YES! Our world revolves around reports from every which angle to make sure we’ve got a finger on the beat of all our campaigns. Most of the reports we look at are raw, unformatted data. We think they’re beautiful, but they won’t mean much to a non-media buyer.

Every week, we send you a formatted report highlighting important areas of performance of your campaigns. These are pretty, and you don’t have to be a media buyer to understand it :).

For most businesses the performance marketing fundamentals are the same. There are nuances to every niche, however the methodology/framework we use uncovers them for most markets, verticals and scenarios.

Take a sneak peek below on how we cover the fundamentals to make sure every campaign is built to scale and perform.

  1. We start with an incentive research process.
  2. We go through detailed analytics on your accounts.
  3. From this data we get to learn and understand who your audiences are AND who your competitors are.
  4. We look at what ads are out there at the moment, what’s working/what’s not.
  5. We’ve worked with niches that we haven’t had exposure to in the past i.e. Simba/Wondebly, and have had incredible success. We find the new learning exciting.
  6. Sometimes looking at a niche from the outside give us new and different perspectives. We are about breakout results. If you go with an agency that specializes in your niche, you’ll get the same results as your competitors that use them.

Luckily for us, we were already setup as a remote team pre-covid. This meant we hired the best talent from across the world – all working remotely. As our staff is across 10 time-zones, there is almost always someone online to handle issues. And our media buying platform never sleeps. It manages campaigns to ensure peak performance and reduce the risk of wasting money on non-performing campaigns at all times.

Don’t take our word for it…our 3 biggest case studies are all in different parts of the world.

Yes… but this concern is well-founded. We push the envelope, to get break out results you have to do things differently. We test things and see what works, it’s our job to maximize performance while ensuring your brand is well represented. 

All ads/creatives will be put forward to you for review before launch, so your brand is never at risk by publishing rogue content.

Usually for the first 2 months we push forward heavily, to test boundaries and performance as well as learning about your brand guidelines. Usually by month 3 we’re well accustomed and not pushing the edges as hard. We will check in with you the whole way. But we may send stuff across we feel you might say no to, because it ‘may’ fit the guideline and actually perform well. You’ll have the responsibility to draw the line if you feel like we’re going to cross it. 

Our skill sets are balanced between creative/branding approach and pure data science performance marketing. This means our approach is focused on the highest returns we can create without jeopardizing our client’s brand.

Great question! This happens all the time for accounts that are in the ‘gray’ area for Facebook, such as CBD products, weight loss, and supplements. We deal with and have dealt with many ‘gray area’ customers, so we have plenty of experience. In addition, we have hired a full-time compliance consultant from Facebook direct who helps oversee our accounts and ensure we are within guidelines.

We have a direct relationship with Facebook due to our partner status. Since we have an incredibly high monthly spend with them, we have a responsive Account Rep. This has enabled us to unlock accounts that have been shut down within days rather than weeks.

Totally get you are worried about ROI. Most people are in the beginning and honestly 99% of the time we get much better results than they are expecting.

We balance this by not locking anyone in. We’re month to month – we get you the results, or you’d stop working with us. We get a kick out of scaling a partner, and we want to help you succeed so we can keep you as a customer. A win-win for everyone.

Without running this for you, we can’t tell you for sure what will happen… But we can tell you we have a very experienced team who usually get home runs. So I’d boil it down to risk reward.

Being a Facebook Marketing Agency, we get access to thousands of Ad Accounts that are issued by Facebook directly. These are not ‘just created’ by a friend, partner, cousin…or heaven forbid via Fiverr. Normally we use these accounts for our agency customers. However, we do have a program where we allow vetted accounts to run traffic through these accounts.

There is a strict selection process to ensure we maintain quality advertisers on our platform. There is a compliance value added service to ensure all your creatives are not in violation of Facebook policy. If you spend over $5kUSD per month, and you’re keen to work with us, apply here, and we’ll get back to you.

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