How to Create Great Ads (that won’t piss Facebook off)

Creating Facebook ads nowadays is like walking on eggshells.

We’ve got to be VERY careful of what we say in case we piss off the o’ mighty Facebook…

And get our ads – or worse, our account – banned before we can even begin to figure out why.

But all is not lost.

In fact, over our years of experience we’ve found that it’s entirely possible to please both Facebook compliance gatekeepers AND the conversion gods…

And you’ll discover how to do that in today’s video:

#1: Focus on what you CAN do on Facebook

The straightforward, aggressive things that work in good old direct response are just no bueno on Facebook…

But that doesn’t stop a lot of advertisers from pushing the envelope.

Now, we don’t necessarily discourage that…

Although we do recommend thinking about what you CAN do and work with that to be effective, instead of the other way round (I’ll go through some of these positive approaches in the video).

#2: Testimonials are very effective

One thing’s for sure: Facebook doesn’t like claims, even if they’re true.

Fortunately, we’ve found testimonials to be a great way to get around this…

Especially if they come from customers in their own words (which is why video testimonials work GREAT).

#3: Speak in the third person

While it’s tempting to just go “Hey, if you’re a woman over 55, this ad is for YOU!”…

That’s definitely going to get flagged by Facebook for calling out personal attributes.

A “cheat code” for this is to speak in the third person…

So that your target audience knows the ad is written for them without it directly saying it’s written for them (yes it’s mind-boggling, and I’ll elaborate on this in the video to help you out).

#4: No fear. No doom. No gloom.

I can already imagine the look on direct response advertisers’ faces: THIS is their version of doom and gloom.

However, when creating Facebook ads it’s necessary to have a perspective shift…

And look at things POSITIVELY rather than highlighting the pain the target audience needs to get away from (I’ll give you an example of how to do this in the video).

#5: Pretend you’re at a dinner party

Whenever you’re unsure of what to avoid putting in a Facebook ad, just imagine that you’re at a dinner party…

Which means no mention of sex, religion or politics as a general rule of thumb.

There are exceptions to this rule though, and I’ll provide some examples in the video.

We’re putting together some training based on these 5 points soon to show you exactly how we put creatives together…

But in the meantime, I hope that you can get started with this video – and as always, if you have a question, just comment below or shoot us an email at

Thank you for watching!

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